Liferay Portal is the world's leading open source enterprise portal solution using the latest in Java and Web 2.0 technologies. Leo TechnoSoft offers full range of Liferay development and consulting services like themes and portlets development, portal customization etc. We have been actively developing enterprise portal software for clients for over 5 years, including Intranet and collaboration platforms. We have integrated with enterprise application such as SAP, Alfresco, HR application etc.

Liferay portal offers dynamic,intuitive and time saving features :

  • Compatible with any application server, database server, or operating system
  • Provides out-of-the-box tools offering over 60 portlets
  • Support for 22 languages
  • Liferay CMS and Liferay Collaboration offer content management, web publishing and social networking options
  • Users can be grouped together with each group having their own separate mini portal
  • Offers drag & drop feature allowing users to move different elements around in the portal

Liferay Development :

We deliver cost-effective portal solutions customized to help you achieve your strategic objectives. Created for enterprise use, Liferay Portal provides a virtual space where you can centralize, share and collaborate. Built with the end user in mind, user interface developed using Liferay Portal is easy to understand even by the technically ignorant user.

Liferay Support :

The Liferay support team at Leo TechnoSoft ensures smooth processing of different functionalities of Liferay projects. Leo TechnoSoft has a dedicated team of experienced Liferay developers with in-depth expertise in the technology, providing Liferay development, integration and support services using this enterprise-grade, open source portal.

Liferay Migration :

Leo TechnoSoft offers customization of Liferay Portals using three types of deployable plug-in, which are Portlets, Themes and Layout Templates. Liferay portal being one of the most intelligent portal frameworks available, offers personalization, customization, and workflow benefits for varied businesses.

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