Mobile Application Development

In the current market scenario where businesses are moving to Cloud Enablement, it has become imperative that every new innovation or product concept is offered a comprehensive market orientation to understand its complete lifecycle. It is this orientation that enables start-ups to embark on a challenging yet successful journey.

  1. Native Application
  2. We develop applications Specific to a given mobile platform (iOS or Android) using the Software development kits (SDK) and language that the respective platform supports (e.g., Xcode and Objective-C with iOS, Eclipse and Java with Android).

  3. HTML5
  4. We Develop standard browser based applications—typically HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3. This approach to mobile development creates cross-platform mobile applications that work on multiple devices.

  5. Hybrid
  6. We make it possible to embed HTML5 apps inside native container, combining the best elements of native and HTML5 apps.

With our belief in ‘long-term relationships’ and ‘every client is important’, we ideate and create mobile applications for brands and enterprises. Additionally, we also offer end-to-end mobile application development services - from concept to commissioning. Our Development arena covers: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Symbian, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7



Engagement model
  • Fixed Duration
  • Time & Materials
  • Full Time Equivalents (Offshore)
  • Full Time Equivalents (Onsite)

Fixed Duration/Cost

Software development projects which are built around a fixed budget, timeline and cost are referred to as Fixed Duration Projects. Customers usually opt for this kind of engagement model if their requirements are not expected to change during the development process. Such an engagement model is quite suitable for small enterprises that have significant budgetary constraints.

Time and Materials

This type of engagement model is quite suitable when the anticipated duration of the project cannot be estimated as the requirements of the project might change from time to time. Projects are contracted on an hourly basis where the client is billed based on number of hours spent on his project by the service provider. To ensure authenticity, each task is mapped to the total number of hours spent on each task and detailed reports regarding the ‘hours spent’ are sent to the client for cross verification. Time and material based engagement model are quite suitable for customers whose requirements are seasonal in nature and want to retain us as their preferred solution partner throughout the year. Another benefit of such an engagement model is that it can easily adapt to the changing specifications/requirements of the project.

Full -Time (Offshore)

Full Time Engagement models refer to those kinds of engagement models where a service provider assigns dedicated resources to the client who work full time to the needs of the client. These dedicated resources work only for the client assigned to them and do not work for any other client. Resources who work for a client from Leo TechnoSoft’s development center in Florida are known as offshore Full time Resources. This kind of an engagement model is quite suitable when enhancements are expected on a continuous basis during a project.

Full Time (Onsite)

If the nature of the project is such that the client’s data cannot leave the premises and resources are required to implement software solutions at the client location then these Onsite Full Time Engagement Model prove to be quite useful. When our resources need to work in close co-ordination with locally present department heads then in such cases we recommend our clients to go for the Onsite delivery model. This type of an engagement model proves very useful when clients feel that they have to impart some basic training to our resources regarding their systems and processes so that they can successfully implement software solutions within their enterprise.


Market Readiness

Utilising online channels to boost your business is no longer simply a matter of putting up a website and expecting customers to find their own way to it. In a crowded cyberspace, it requires the skilled use of analytical tools to understand and direct your search and optimisation strategies for maximum effect. Our digital marketing services deliver outstanding results online, plus it’s a hassle-free experience from concept to completion. So whether you're starting from scratch or already have an online presence, we've got you covered. We strategize. We measure. We create. We innovate. We increase and engage your existing & potential customers online, while you focus on running your business.


Build Your Brand (SEO)

  • Conduct Online Market Research to identify market trend and potential
  • Listing your brand on the first page of various search engines
  • Bridge online seekers with your service
  • Edit, restructure and create your content to promote your brand
  • Endorse your brand by increasing visibility through various online media.
  • Enlighten your customers about your products/services with a well structured leading page

Expand Your Brand (Social Media Marketing)

  • Foster relationships with potential patrons to increase brand awareness through potent internet promotion tools, i.e. Social networking & marketing, Video & Podcasts etc
  • Run Blogs and Forums to pledge positive interaction with existing or potential customer.
  • Establish Online Public Relation with your employees, agents, customers etc. through Online Article & Press Release Submission.
  • Connect to your customer via Email marketing.
  • Partner with powerful affiliate marketers to promote your products or services
  • Create online Eye Catching Designs to trap your customer’s attention

Control Your Brand (Image Management)

  • Administer Online Reputation to craft an ongoing positive impression on your customer.
  • Monitor online Reviews & Ratings to augment the image of your brand.
  • Highlight information about your business, products and services.
  • Advertise online, target efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Engage with clients on a more personal basis to understand their requirements.
  • Supervise blog comments and compile appropriate communication to enhance brand image.

Engagement model

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