About Us

Leo TechnoSoft is a technology partner specializing in building, serving, managing and extending technology on a Cloud and SaaS environment. Set up in 2006, Leo TechnoSoft is a global solution provider in Product Engineering, I.T Services, Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Development and Infrastructure Support with expertise in the latest technology platforms. We also provide specialized business consulting services that we term partner product development. These services allow our us to support our clientelle at every stage of the product life-cycle.

Leo TechnoSoft has offices in India, USA & Singapore along with an extension office in Belgium. Our development centres are located in Pune, India, Chicago Midwest and Florida, USA. With a global presence, Leo TechnoSoft is armed to meet a client's needs regardless of their location. This has made the organization a preferred partner-of-choice for small and medium sized companies looking for on-time delivery and high quality product development solutions.

Our Specialization

Leo TechnoSoft’s forte lies in efficient product development and services in cloud computing environment. Cloud computing helps companies leverage the benefits of quick scalability and rapid deployment without the hassles of managing on-premise infrastructure.

We also offer consultancy services to companies that want to build cloud computing facilities within their organizations. Our sound technical background and expertise helps to effectively manage infrastructure in a SAAS environment.

Leo TechnoSoft has also opened a new portal to the IT World with a Mobile Lab where mobile apps can be developed and tested on devices running on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. The Mobile Lab also provides the necessary infrastruce to start-ups and ISV, allowing them the scalability and resources necessary for a high level of performance.

Our services keep up with the trends and help provide our customers with apps solutions that not only serve their purposes, but provide all the benefits of the latest technology.
In addition to our product development services, Leo TechnoSoft also offers digital marketing services to promote your product and allow you to reach your target audience

Our Beliefs

Partner for Innovation

Everything begins with a good idea, and when this idea flourishes, you flourish with it. We are always ready to combine our experience and technology with your best ideas and turn them into reality.
Leo TechnoSoft collaborates with Startup companies to determine the new opportunities for successful startup business development. We believe in collaborating with ISVs & Startup companies to accelerate time-to-market and bring software Innovation to Life.


Here's a snapshot of our journey to date

  • 2006 - Established in USA
  • 2007 - Set up 1st development center to serve SaaS & Cloud Environment
  • 2008 - Released 7 successful SaaS applications for our customers
  • 2009 - 15,000 sq ft R&D center set up in Pune
  • 2010 - Successfully transitioned 4 customers for BOMT model to their own premise Set up mobility division with SaaS along with Product Engineering R&D Center
  • 2011 - Set up office in Singapore
  • 2012 - Served more than 28 clients and set up BI services
  • 2013 - Helped a leading online brand monitoring company with BOMT model
  • 2014 - Opened a new office is Chicago/Midwest. Extending our reach and offerings to the Midwestern US.
  • 2015 -Introduced the Mobile Lab for the development and testing of applications running on Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, along with infrastruce and scalability for start-ups and ISVs.

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